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Money-Saving Discounts from Kia of Puyallup

Why pay for the full vehicle service when there are discounts available? Kia of Puyallup offers plenty of money-saving opportunities here in Puyallup. Come on over to your friendly Kia of Puyallup to find an expert team fully capable of getting your vehicle back on the road.

Don't Pay Too Much for Parts

It doesn't matter if you originally purchased your vehicle from Kia of Puyallup or not, because we will still service your vehicle! Our expert team is ready to help get your vehicle back in working condition. However, that's rather difficult here in Puyallup if you don't have the correct parts. But we also know vehicle parts can get expensive, which is why we offer discounts!

Money-saving discounts from Kia of Puyallup

Hunter HawkEye Elite Alignment Check


Keeping your vehicle in proper alignment is essential to prevent abnormal tire wear. It can also improve handling and help increase fuel mileage. Let Kia of Puyallup check your vehicles alignment Free of charge.


Variable Discount

$5.00 - $25.00 Savings

   You Spend...          You Save...        
$50 - $100.99            $5.00 OFF
$101.00 - $200.99     $10.00 OFF
$201.00 - $300.99     $15.00 OFF
$301.00 - $400.99     $20.00 OFF
$401.00 - $500.99     $25.00 OFF



$25.00 Off Regular Price.


4 Wheel Alignment

$20.00 off reg. price

Wheel alignement is essential for proper vehicle handling and maximum tire life. Have your vehicles suspension aligned by one our specialist during your next service visit. Here are just a few bennefits of proper wheel alignment.

Longer Lasting Tires, Fuel Efficiency, Improved Steering, Smoother Ride


Our team is waiting to help you get service that works with your schedule.
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