2019 Kia Soul vs 2019 Toyota RAV4

The compact crossover has been a space with dull entries since its beginning. Dull, except for the Kia Soul of course. The Soul sparked a whole new era in automotive design, and it still looks fun and fresh to this day. If looks were everything, the Kia Soul would win even against the Toyota RAV4, but putting looks aside, let’s see how the two compare with our 2019 Kia Soul vs 2019 Toyota RAV4 comparison.

Here you will see that the 2019 Kia Soul is a very capable and affordable machine. Reading below, you will be convinced that the Soul is the top contender in this comparison, and if you want to see some new Kia Soul examples here in Puyallup, WA, then you should start by clicking the link below to see what Kia of Puyallup has in store for you.

2019 Kia Soul vs 2019 Toyota RAV4

2019 Kia Soul


2019 Toyota RAV4

$16,490 Base MSRP $25,500
101 Cubic-Feet Passenger Volume 98.9 Cubic-Feet
Available Android Auto Not Available
10 Years / 100,000 Miles Powertrain Warranty 5 Years / 60,000 Miles

Who makes the better compact crossover: Kia or Toyota?

The starting point for most comparisons comes down to price. Usually, when comparing similar models, the price gap is rather small, but that is not the case here. In fact, the Soul starts out nearly $9,000 less than the latest RAV4. What's more, you can get the Soul in the top Exclaim trim at $23,930 and it is still more affordable than the base RAV4 with no options.

When it comes to passenger room, the Kia Soul is actually slightly larger than the RAV4 with 101 cubic-feet compared to 98.9 cubic-feet for the RAV4. This extends to more headroom up front and more hip room in the rear for the Kia Soul.

Toyota is very excited that they are finally offering Apple CarPlay in the RAV4, which the Kia Soul also offers, but the RAV4 still lacks Android Auto at any trim level. If you, your family, or even your friends have an Android phone then they are out of luck in the RAV4.

Looking back at it all, the Soul gives you more room and more features, with a better warranty for less money. Which compact crossover would you really want to buy? Feel free to request more information using the link below.