Kia Model Research

Exterior view of a white 2019 Kia Cadenza

Kia Cadenza

The Kia Cadenza features luxury design and technology that customers are sure to love with this full-size sedan! The performance output offered by the Kia Cadenza engine is excellent as well!

Exterior view of a red 2020 Kia Forte

Kia Forte

The Kia Forte and Kia Forte5 offer tremendous fuel economy ratings both in the city and on the highway. The new design and driving experience aren’t half bad either!

2020 Kia Forte
vs 2020 Toyota Corolla

Exterior view of a black 2019 Kia K900

Kia K900

The Kia K900 is essentially an even more luxury version of the Kia Cadenza. Just think of all the great aspects of the Cadenza in an even more luxurious package!

Exterior view of a blue 2019 Kia Niro

Kia Niro

The Kia Niro, Kia Niro EV, and Kia Niro Plug-In Hybrid all offer great efficiency that modern crossover-buyers are sure to love. The performance output from the Kia Niro models stands out too!

2019 Kia Niro

Exterior view of a white 2020 Kia Optima

Kia Optima

The Kia Optima is one of the premier mid-sized sedan models currently available in the industry today! The combination of performance output and fuel economy offered by the Kia Optima set it apart from competitors!

2020 Kia Optima
2020 Kia Optima Hybrid

Exterior view of a blue 2020 Kia Rio

Kia Rio

The Kia Rio and Kia Rio 5-Door both offer superior fuel economy that subcompact vehicles are known for. However, these subcompact models both offer great driving experiences as well!

2020 Kia Rio

Exterior view of a blue 2020 Kia Sedona

Kia Sedona

The Kia Sedona is one of a few minivan models remaining in the automotive industry. However, it remains to be one of the best options available in a relatively small automotive segment! The spacious interior and excellent performance really help the Kia Sedona to stand out!

2020 Kia Sedona

Exterior view of a gray 2020 Kia Sorento

Kia Sorento

The Kia Sorento is one of the three SUV models that Kia currently manufactures, not including the Kia Soul. The Kia Sorento offers superior interior volume and excellent performance output as well!

2020 Kia Sorento
vs 2020 Volkswagen Tiguan
vs 2020 Dodge Journey

2019 Kia Sorento

Exterior view of a red 2020 Kia Soul

Kia Soul

The Kia Soul is a terrific crossover vehicle that offers excellent fuel economy and performance output. The Soul also offers a number of excellent features inside and outside that customers will love as well!

2020 Kia Soul

Exterior view of a blue 2020 Kia Sorento

Kia Sportage

The Kia Sportage offers everything customers could possibly want from a compact SUV! The interior features excellent comfort features and cargo space, while the engines deliver a nice combination of performance output and fuel economy!

2020 Kia Sportage
vs 2020 Jeep Cherokee

Exterior view of a red 2020 Kia Stinger

Kia Stinger

The Kia Stinger is one of the newest Kia models to hit the market! It features tremendous engine performance and exciting driving experience. Now, it is one of the most sought-after Kia vehicles on the market today!

2020 Kia Stinger
2019 Kia Stinger

Exterior view of a green 2020 Kia Stinger

Kia Telluride

The Kia Telluride is the newest Kia vehicle in the automotive marketplace. It entered the 3-row SUV segment as one of the best, if not the best, vehicles available! The combination of performance and spacious interior really sets it apart from competitors!

2020 Kia Telluride
vs 2020 Honda Pilot