Kia of Puyallup’s Warranty

At Kia of Puyallup everything we do is with you in mind, that’s why we include our legendary warranty with every new Kia, at no additional cost.

1. 20k-warranty

At Kia of Puyallup we include, at no additional cost to you, a 20-year/200,000 Mile Limited Powertrain Warranty* on every new Kia that we sell.

Your new Kia warranty also covers:

  • Rental Reimbursement
  • Trip Interruption Coverage
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance

When you buy or lease any new vehicle from Kia of Puyallup we include complimentary oil changes for life*.

Oil changes for life also include:

  • Complimentary Multi-point Vehicle Inspection
  • Tire-rotation As Needed
  • Car Wash & Vacuum

Because you bought your Kia from Kia of Puyallup, you get car washes for LIFE! So, stop by anytime to take advantage of this exclusive Kia of Puyallup customer perk!


  • Replace oil filter with factory Kia oil filter
  • Replace drain plug gasket and torque drain plug to factory specifications
  • Change engine oil
  • Rotate tires as required
  • Set tire pressure to factory specifications
  • Perform a comprehensive multi-point vehicle inspection (written report included)
  • Test battery condition (with printout)
  • Alignment quick check at no additional cost (with printout)
  • Install reminder sticker or reset maintenance system as required
  • Machine wash vehicle and vacuum vehicle

Kia of Puyallup’s Lifetime Oil Changes cover only the services listed above and must be performed by Kia of Puyallup. Any additional factory-required maintenance, preventative maintenance, other maintenance, repairs, or any other service, parts, and/or labor is the sole responsibility of the owner of the vehicle. Kia of Puyallup’s Lifetime Oil Change service is only available to the original owner is not transferable and has no cash value. Oil and filter services under the Lifetime Oil Change’s service follow the manufactures maintenance schedule and will only be performed when deemed necessary by the manufacturer. An owner may specify synthetic engine oil but will be charged the difference between regular oil and synthetic oil unless synthetic oil is specifically required by the manufacturer. Commercial vehicles or other vehicles used for business are excluded (for example Uber, Lyft, etc.). Kia of Puyallup’s Oil Change’s For Life service will be honored at Kia of Puyallup as long as Kia of Puyallup is in business under the current ownership Sawyer CG. The program start date is May 1st, 2017. Kia vehicles purchased on or after May 1st, 2017 qualify for Kia of Puyallup’s Lifetime Oil Change service.



Administrator: Universal Underwriters Service Corporation, dba: UUSC Service Company in California and New York; Vehicle Dealer Solutions in Florida
Deductible: The amount to be paid by you for repair or replacement costs of a mechanical breakdown, per covered repair visit.
Mechanical Breakdown: The failure of a covered part because of a mechanical defect or faulty workmanship by the manufacturer which renders the covered part incapable of performing the function for which it was designed, excluding gradual reductions in operating performance due to wear and use.
Term: The period during which mechanical breakdown coverage applies. The time and mileage limits of the term start on the vehicle’s date of sale and at zero (0) miles. The coverage expires when the length of time or accumulated mileage of the term is reached (12:01 a.m. local standard time), whichever occurs first.
Vehicle: The vehicle identified in the “Vehicle Information” section.
We/Us/Our: The dealer selling the vehicle and issuing the limited warranty.
You/Your: The limited warranty holder identified as “Vehicle Owner”.


Limited warranty coverage applies to the parts listed below, and related labor, but not if they are covered by insurance or the manufacturer’s warranty. If a covered part(s) has a mechanical breakdown, we will repair or replace it, or pay an authorized repair facility customary and reasonable charges to do so, not to exceed the manufacturer’s suggested list price for covered parts, and specific labor times published in Motor, Chilton, Mitchell or the manufacturer’s warranty labor time standards, subject to the deductible and the other provisions of this limited warranty. Reimbursement, if any, may be made directly to you for an authorized claim. Replacement will be made with parts of like kind and quality (including new, re-manufactured, exchanged, or serviceable used components or parts at the option of the Administrator.) Only those parts listed below are covered; any parts not listed are not covered.


Engine: Gasoline engine: All internally lubricated parts contained within the engine block and cylinder head(s). Seals and gaskets. Plus these noninternally lubricated parts: Water pump, fuel pump, valve covers, oil pan, dipstick and tube, timing belt, timing chain/belt cover, engine mounts, flywheel, ring gear, flex plate, harmonic balancer, belt tensioner and idler pulley(s), intake and exhaust manifolds. Factory-installed supercharger/turbocharger. Cylinder head, engine block, and rotor housings.** Coolant, lubricants, and oil filters.***
Diesel engine: All of the above parts. Plus diesel fuel injection pumps, fuel injectors, and fuel lines.
Transmission: Automatic transmission: All internally lubricated parts contained within the transmission case. Seals and gaskets. Plus these noninternally lubricated parts: Transmission mount(s), oil pan, dipstick and filler tube, and vacuum modulator. Transmission case.** Fluids, lubricants, and filter.***
Manual transmission: All internally lubricated parts are contained within the transmission case. Seals and gaskets. Plus these non-internally lubricated parts: Transmission mount(s). Transmission case.** Fluids, lubricants, and filter.***
Transfer Case: All internally lubricated parts are contained within the transfer case. Plus these non-internally lubricated parts: Electronic and vacuum engagement parts, four-wheel drive automatic/semi-automatic, and manually operated hub assemblies. Seals and gaskets. Transfer case housing.** Lubricants.***
Drive Axle: All internally lubricated parts are contained within the Front and/or Rear Drive Axle Housing. Plus the following parts: Axle shafts, axle bearings, constant velocity joints and boots, universal joints, and center support bearing. Seals and gaskets. Final drive housing.** Lubricants.***

** When damaged as a result of the failure of a covered internally lubricated part.
*** When required in connection with the repair or replacement of a covered part.



In the event of a mechanical breakdown covered by this limited warranty or the manufacturer’s warranty, we will reimburse you for the expense actually incurred for the rental of a substitute vehicle through a licensed rental agency during the repair, subject to the following provisions: Our liability shall not (a) exceed $30 per day for every eight hours of approved labor time (or fraction of eight hours), nor (b) total more than $180 for each covered repair visit. In computing, the maximum $180 reimbursement per repair visit, up to three (3) days of downtime, required for parts procurement only, is reimbursable (Administrator must be advised in advance of all such delays). Delays caused by repair facility scheduling do not qualify for rental benefits. Valid receipts for substitute vehicles will be required. Labor times shall be established by using Motor, Chilton, Mitchell, or the manufacturer’s warranty labor time standards.
No deductible is applicable to this benefit.


If your vehicle is in need of Roadside Service, you must call the 24-hour toll-free number at (800) 831-6870 for service. The following benefits are subject to a maximum benefit of $100 per occurrence: towing, jump starts, flat tire changes (using customer’s inflated spare), fluid delivery, lockout service (key cutting extra), concierge service (assistance with up to three phone calls – relatives, police, etc.). Any towing or emergency roadside service not initiated through the 24- hour toll-free number at (800) 831-6870 is limited to a maximum benefit of $50 per occurrence; valid receipts will be required for reimbursement.
No deductible is applicable to this benefit


If a mechanical breakdown, covered by this limited warranty or a manufacturer’s warranty, causes your vehicle to become inoperable and you are required to remain overnight while repairs are completed more than one hundred (100) miles from your home, we will reimburse you for expenses actually incurred for meals (restaurants only) and lodging (hotel or motel only), during the period repairs are being made.
The maximum daily allowance for meals and lodging combined is limited to $100 per day for a maximum of three (3) days or the period of time that it took to repair your vehicle, whichever is less and shall not exceed $300 for each covered repair visit. The date of the mechanical breakdown shall be considered the first day of the three-day period. Valid receipts for meals and lodging and a copy of the corresponding repair order will be required for reimbursement.
No deductible is applicable to this benefit.


It is your responsibility to ensure the oil warning light and gauge, as well as the temperature warning light and gauge, are in proper working condition and not displaying signs of warning.

In order to maintain valid limited warranty coverage, you must have your vehicle checked and serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, as outlined in your vehicle’s Owner’s Manual. Failure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations may result in the denial of coverage.
It is required that verifiable receipts be retained for the services. You must retain all copies of all maintenance and repair orders. These copies must indicate: the customer name, repair order number and date, vehicle identification number, description of your vehicle including make, model, and odometer reading at the time of servicing, and a complete description of services performed.
You may be required to provide proof of all maintenance services completed, in compliance with the manufacturer’s Owner’s Manual. Failure to provide proof of services performed will void this Limited Warranty. Maintenance expenses are your responsibility.


Use reasonable means to protect your vehicle from further damage in order to prevent additional expenses, repairs, or complete denial of the claim. You will be responsible to pay any such additional expenses;
Return your vehicle to us. If this is not possible, call the administrator toll-free (800) 643-9059, for assistance;
Authorize any charges necessary to determine the cause of failure. This includes disassembly and diagnostic charges. You will be required to pay the expense of the disassembly and diagnosis if the mechanical breakdown is not covered by your limited warranty;
Permit an independent inspection before repairs are completed if the administrator requests an inspection;
Obtain a repair authorization number from an administrator before any repair is made. A repair authorization can be obtained from the administrator by calling toll-free (800) 643-9059. Should an emergency occur which requires a mechanical breakdown repair to be made at a time when the administrator’s office is closed, you must call the administrator no later than the next business day to determine if such repair will be covered by the limited warranty. If covered, you will be eligible for reimbursement on covered repairs provided you follow all other procedures outlined in this section;
Submit invoice/repair order exhibiting that the authorized repair has been completed to the administrator;
Pay deductible and any non-covered expenses.

Commercial vehicles or other vehicles used for business are excluded (for example: Uber, Lyft, etc.) and not eligible.