Protect Your Kia with the Right Choice of Engine Oil

March 29th, 2022 by

Which Type of Oil Does Kia Recommend?

Using the right kind of oil in any vehicle is crucial for the better performance of a vehicle. The primary job of engine oil is to lubricate all the engine’s moving components so that they can work efficiently. Since there are three kinds of oil available in the market, Kia owners usually ask us about the type of oil that Kia recommends.

At Kia of Puyallup in Puyallup, WA, we believe that full synthetic oil is the right choice for your vehicle, which Kia also recommends. Judging by the appearance, all oils look alike. However, full synthetic oil offers greater engine wear protection for your Kia as it is made with the most refined additives. See the video below to discover how full synthetic oil outperforms the other available engine oils.

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Use Full Synthetic Oil for Protection of Your Kia by Kia America

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